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formContext.ui.formSelector(Client API reference)|used case[Set From based on optionset value in UCI]

Hello Folks,

Is it not a good learning experience,where you do relative comparison? I wrote a JavaScript to understand how formContext.ui.formSelector and its sub property work completely.

Please, take a look on high level overview of formContext.ui.formSelector which is tabulated below.

Scenario: I took the scenario where will set entity form based on option set value.This scenario covers ui.formselector entirely, likewise as:

  1. formContext.ui.formSelector.items.get();
  2. formContext.ui.formSelector.getCurrentItem.getId();
  3. formContext.ui.formSelector.getCurrentItem.getLabel();
  4. formContext.ui.formSelector.getCurrentItem.navigate();

Implementation: Find the code snippet below:

var formContext;
function setForm(executionContext)
formContext = executionContext.getFormContext();
if (formContext.ui.getFormType()==2)
var caseType = formContext.getAttribute(logicalname).getValue();
case 1:
case 2:
changeForm(“Trial Order”);
changeForm(“Case for Interactive experience”);

function changeForm(formName)
var currentForm = formContext.ui.formSelector.getCurrentItem();
var availableForms = formContext.ui.formSelector.items.get();
if (currentForm.getLabel().toLowerCase() != formName.toLowerCase())
for (var i in availableForms)
var form = availableForms[i];
// to find a form based on the name
if (form.getLabel().toLowerCase() == formName.toLowerCase())
return true;

Call this function on page load event and make sure that this code is present on all other forms.

Testing: I am creating case record from default case form by putting up case type as Trial order.Once record is saved.It will navigate screen to trial order case form and have similar behavior for claims case form too.

Hope it is informative! 🙂 Keep dynamics-power with you.

Fix – Custom Ribbon Button’s icon is showing as Jigsaw Image in UCI

Hello Everyone!

While I was working on Ribbon Workbench customization, one of my colleague addressed me that custom button icon is showing as jigsaw image in UCI interface whereas button’s icon is showing as desired in classic Interface. My colleague was questioning if it is a Microsoft issue or anything else which is missed to be done?


I went to Ribbon Workbench Customization, There I noticed one more new input i.e. ModernImage. Modern Image supports Vector format (SVG) and responsible for UCI(Unified Client Interface) visibility.

Therefore,16X16 image, 32X32 image is responsible for Classic View. Even you can test it at your own. Remove these 16 or 32 png from Ribbon Work Bench then publish it, you will not see them in Classic Interface😊


All you need to do it. Create a Vector format (SVG) web resource. Go to Ribbon Workbench, Select your Solution, Browser your SVG icon image under Modern Image and then good to go to publish it.

Hope it helps for quick fix!

5 Interview Questions of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Even though Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is being changed a lot. Perhaps, some technical questions are pretty basic and commonly asked in most of the interview. I have listed few of them below:   

Question #1: How will you optimized form performance when you have multiple tabs/grids on the entity form.

Answer: While placing sub-grid on form we should unchecked the Expand this tab by default from tab properties. It saves page rendering time and enhance the page load performance.

Question #2: What is the difference between Plugin and Workflow? (Being a developer we always deals with plugin and workflow. So, This is something from which you can’t remain untouched. 😊) 

Answer: Some of the differences are detailed below:

Maintenance Business Users
/Functional Consultant
Technical Consultant
Nested Child Process Yes* No
On Demand Yes No*
Run As Organization
Business Unit
Parent:Child Business Units
User Context
User Impersonation
(To run plugin on
another user context.)
Get External Data No* Yes
Triggers Record is created
Record Status changes
Record is assigned
Record fields change
Record is deleted
Update(Filtering attribute)
Status Change
Assign to Owner
Executed After
Can run on RelationshipN:1(lookup on the record)1:N

Note Compatibility* : Earlier Workflow was asynchronous until Microsoft enable Convert to a real-time Workflow.

Note Nested Child Process*: Nested Child Process is very useful. Commonly used scenario i.e.to send mail to employee on their birthday.

Note On Demand*: Through customization Plugin can also run on demand. Though it requires custom Button where you must write JavaScript function to run it. However, this process take two calls which decreases system performance.  

Note Can run on Relationship*: Workflow cannot automatically update all the contact addresses when the parent account address changes. But this can be done with a plug-in.

Question #3 : What will execute first business rule or java script?

Answers: execution order is defined below:

1.System Java Script(Source code by MS)

2. Custom Java script

3.Business Rule.

Reason: business logic is applied to Business rule will be converted to Java script and then gets executed On other side custom java script doesn’t required any conversion So it saves conversion time and executes first.

Question #4: What are the event pipeline stages and its number?

Answer: Event pipeline stages are 4 and plugin/workflow can register in 3 stages out of 4.

EventStage NameStage No.Description
Pre-Event1. Pre-Validation10It is executed before the
main system operation.
Registered plugin gets
executed before the
database transaction.
Pre-validation stage
occurs prior to security
role check and mainly
used delete plugin
2. Pre-Operation20It is executed before the
main system operation.
Registered plugin gets
Executed within the
database transaction.
Platform Core
Main Operation30It doesn’t allow to
register custom plugin.
it is the main operation
of System(Source
code by Microsoft)
Post-EventPost-Operation40It is executed after the
main system operation.
It allows to register
custom plugin.
Registered plugin gets
executed within the data
base transaction.

Question#5: What is the time limit of plugin/Custom workflow execution?

Answer: It’s 2 minutes(like Maggie 😊)Irrespective of Synchronous/Asynchronous,There is 2 minutes time limit imposed on execution. If execution exceeds the limit a System.TimeoutException is thrown.

Note: While we code and gets Business Error“This workflow job was canceled because the workflow that started it included an infinite loop. Correct the workflow logic and try again” which is showed 7 iteration steps. Reason being, execution time limit is 2 minutes.

Hope it helps for your new job!

Integartion of Hubspot with Dynamics 365 using Zapier

Hello Everyone,

Earlier I wasn’t known how to integrate HubSpot to Dynamics 365 then I started deep diving into it and come to know there are various methods to do it. These methods are mentioned as below:

  1. HubSpot integration to Dynamics 365 using Zapier
  2. Dynamics 365 CE integration to HubSpot using Logic Apps (If you want to see ‘how’ click here)

Here I will tell you the detailed steps to integrate HubSpot to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement using Zapier. Zapier is a web automation app and allows HubSpot to connect with several other 1000’s application and technology. With Zapier I will build Zaps which will automate the process. 

Prerequisites: Dynamics 365, HubSpot Instance, Zapier login account

Objective: Contact will be created in Dynamics 365 CE on creation of contact in HubSpot.

Section 1: Connection with Zapier

#1: Login to  https://www.hubspot.com and click on Log in (If You don’t have HubSpot instance, create free trial version of it. (Refer https://derivingdynamics.home.blog/2019/06/09/how-to-subscribe-hubspot-trial-version/)   

#2: Enter Email Address and Password then click on Log in.

#3: On the top, Click to settings,

#4: In left panel, Expand Integrations and click on Apps below API Key.

#5: Click on Connect an app

#6: You will see some recommended apps over here. Though our intended application is Zapier. Click on Zapier you will be navigated to next screen.

#7: Click on Connect. Since it’s not Microsoft Technology. It doesn’t support single sign-on until you sign up with the same account. So, in next screen it will ask you login to Zapier. Here, I am assuming that you have Zapier credentials with you already. If you don’t have. Do sign up and be continued as per below detailed steps.

Now you are connected to Zapier.

Section 2: Making of Zap once you are connected with zapier.

#1: Now you are at Zapier screen where you will create Zap. Click on Make a Zap!

#2: Write name of your zap. I wrote MydemoZap. then choose a Trigger App. I searched for HubSpot and get connected with it.

#3: Choose Trigger. I have chosen New Contact. It triggers when contact is created. Move further, click on Save+Continue.

#4: Connect to your HubSpot instance. One screen will pop-up, on click of Connect an Account. it will ask for permission. Click on Grant Access to give permission of HubSpot then this screen will disappeared and you will be on same page, Post that click Save+Continue.

In this step, I am collaborating consecutive screen as below.

Click on Connect an Account
click on Grant access
Click on Save+Continued

Thus you are done with trigger now. 🙂  

#5: Add a new step for Action. Search for Dynamics 365 CRM Action. I have chosen create contact since it is our objective. (Refer objective).Moving forward click on Save+Continue.

#6: Connect to Dynamics 365 CE. Click on Connect An Account. Post that, paste organization url in new pop up screen and click on to Yes, Continue. To authenticate yourself put user credentials and make sure that you are using administrator user. You will be land on same page. Click on Save+Continue.

I have collaborated screen for this step as below:

Click on Connect an Account
Enter Dynamics 365 organization url and click on Yes,Continue
Click on Save+Continue

#7: Edit Template is 2nd last step. As per your requirements map the values in given template. I have mapped for first name, last name and email address. 😊 for demo and click on Continue.

#8: Full and final step is here. 🙂 Click on Finish and Enable your zap at the top on the same page.

We are ready with our integration. Yipee!

Final Result:

I went to HubSpot and created new contact as per below screen:

And same contact is created in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

Limitation: Generally, Business doesn’t permit to use Zapier since Zapier stands with several pricing plans. However, it costs way more to business.

Other than this, the Clock is still ticking for versa data flow from Dynamics 365 CE to HubSpot.

Hope it helps at some extent !

How to subscribe HubSpot trial version

I was assigned a task where business requirements were to integrate HubSpot to Dynamics 365. Being a Dynamics’ folk, I was unknown to the term HubSpot itself and was also like other Dynamics’ enthusiasts who were also new to this term. Then during my research journey, I got to know that it is CRM like our Dynamics 365 CRM or like any other CRM which is present in the market. HubSpot has its two flavors Professional and Enterprise. Marketing Hub Professional and Sales Hub Professional is more advance than Sales Hub Enterprise and Marketing Hub Enterprise.

Since it was POC I don’t have HubSpot instance yet. This was the time when I realized that I should have source(HubSpot) instance first to integrate it with Dynamics 365. It should be my priority to get HubSpot instance ready before starting the actual work.

Here, are the steps to get your HubSpot instance ready.

#1: login to https://www.hubspot.com and on left top, click on Get HubSpot Free button.

#2: Click on Get free CRM

#3: Fill all the details which is required in below screen likewise: First name, Last name, Email address, Password. Post that, Click on Get HubSpot CRM

#4: Enter Website URL and Company Name and click on Save and continue.

Here, you are ready to go and to explore more.!

Since it was prerequisite to start with integration work. So, In my next blog series I have covered “How to integrate HubSpot to Dynamics using Zapier” click here

I am requesting to please be tuned for “How to Integrate HubSpot to Dynamics 365” using several other methods.

Hope it helps!

Grid with Icons in UCI

Few prominent icons are added to the column for a better user interface which is also shown in UCI.

Firstly, I dug into SDK, and found displayIconToolTip method which consists of two parameters-rowData and userLCID (Note: LCID is not taken.) as English is the default language of the organization.


Step 1: Take any three pictures of 16X16 .png files and create Web Resource of .png format. If picture exceeds 16X16, it will automatically shrink to 16X16.

Step 2: Navigation: Settings>>Customize the System. In the left panel,Click on Web Resources .Then click on New in right panel.

Step 3: Fill Name, Display Name, Description of Web Resource, choose type as PNG format and upload the image as below.

Note: Repeat above mentioned Steps 1 to 3 for rest of the two .png Web Resources.

Step 4: Create JavaScript Web Resource and paste the following code: (Replace imgName as per your wish)

Step 5: Now,Call this function in your respective Views, I have chosen the Active Cases view and selected the priority column.

Step: 6 Click on Change Properties and call your JavaScript Web Resource function as shown below.


  • On UCI, it will be shown as
    1. SubGrid of Case on Contact:
  • 2.Case Sub grid:
  • On Web Client, it will be shown as

Hope it helps!

How to opt-in April 2019 updates in Dynamics 365

Microsoft has released a preview of its April release on 1st Feb 2019 that allows us the flexibility to explore the features, adoption of all changes and the user experience updates for Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform which will be enabled by default in April 2019.

Note: Once you enable the April 2019 update, it can’t be turned-off.

How to enable the April 2019 updates:

Step1: Go to Power platform Admin center https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com , choose the environment to enable the April 2019 updates.

Step2: On selecting, it will go to environment’s hub, where click on manage.

Step3: Click on Active now, it will take you to confirm screen.

Step4: Enter your environment name and click on continue.

It will take a while to activate the April 2019 update. Once it’s done same will be notified as “April 2019 update is now active” and April 2019 update is On now in update section on the bottom or right hand side.

Hope it helps!

Comparison between UCI and Web Client in Dynamics 365

As we know, Unified Client Interface is introduced in Dynamic 365 Customer Engagement, where dynamics folks were busy to look its new features and how Unified Interface distinct from Web Client.

I also did some analysis of comparison between UCI and Web.

Here, Properties are listed below:

S.No. Field Properties UCI Web
1. Composite Name/Address field No Yes*
2. Turn-off Automatic resolution in field No Yes
3. Disable most recently used items for this field Yes No
4. Available on Phone Yes No
5. Display search box in Lookup dialog No Yes
6. Inline View Search Match highlight Yes** No
7. Lookup View Columns Yes*** Yes***

Note*: Composite Name Field

Composite Address Field:

Note**: Inline View Search Match highlight

 Note***: UCI shows 2 columns until click on expand arrow where Web client shows 3 columns at its max.

S.No. Section Properties UCI Web Client
1. Section Columns Yes Yes
2. Field Label Width No Yes
3. Field Label Position No Yes*
4. Field Label Alignment No Yes
5. Available on Phone Yes No
6. Show the label of this section on the form Yes Yes

Note*: Field Label Position

S.No. Sub Grid Properties UCI Web Client
1. Display Search Box Yes Yes
2. Panel Header Color No Yes
3. Show Chart Only No Yes
4. Display Index Yes Yes
5. Automatically Expand to use available space Yes* Yes*

Note*: Sub grid get expend till its height then start paging with Index.

S.No. Tab Properties UCI Web Client
1. Show the label of this tab on the form No Yes
2. Expand this tab by default No Yes
3. Visible by default Yes Yes
4. Tab Layout Yes Yes
5. Tab Column Width Yes Yes

Hope it helps!