How to opt-in April 2019 updates in Dynamics 365

Microsoft has released a preview of its April release on 1st Feb 2019 that allows us the flexibility to explore the features, adoption of all changes and the user experience updates for Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform which will be enabled by default in April 2019.

Note: Once you enable the April 2019 update, it can’t be turned-off.

How to enable the April 2019 updates:

Step1: Go to Power platform Admin center , choose the environment to enable the April 2019 updates.

Step2: On selecting, it will go to environment’s hub, where click on manage.

Step3: Click on Active now, it will take you to confirm screen.

Step4: Enter your environment name and click on continue.

It will take a while to activate the April 2019 update. Once it’s done same will be notified as “April 2019 update is now active” and April 2019 update is On now in update section on the bottom or right hand side.

Hope it helps!

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