Integartion of Hubspot with Dynamics 365 using Zapier

Hello Everyone,

Earlier I wasn’t known how to integrate HubSpot to Dynamics 365 then I started deep diving into it and come to know there are various methods to do it. These methods are mentioned as below:

  1. HubSpot integration to Dynamics 365 using Zapier
  2. Dynamics 365 CE integration to HubSpot using Logic Apps (If you want to see ‘how’ click here)

Here I will tell you the detailed steps to integrate HubSpot to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement using Zapier. Zapier is a web automation app and allows HubSpot to connect with several other 1000’s application and technology. With Zapier I will build Zaps which will automate the process. 

Prerequisites: Dynamics 365, HubSpot Instance, Zapier login account

Objective: Contact will be created in Dynamics 365 CE on creation of contact in HubSpot.

Section 1: Connection with Zapier

#1: Login to and click on Log in (If You don’t have HubSpot instance, create free trial version of it. (Refer   

#2: Enter Email Address and Password then click on Log in.

#3: On the top, Click to settings,

#4: In left panel, Expand Integrations and click on Apps below API Key.

#5: Click on Connect an app

#6: You will see some recommended apps over here. Though our intended application is Zapier. Click on Zapier you will be navigated to next screen.

#7: Click on Connect. Since it’s not Microsoft Technology. It doesn’t support single sign-on until you sign up with the same account. So, in next screen it will ask you login to Zapier. Here, I am assuming that you have Zapier credentials with you already. If you don’t have. Do sign up and be continued as per below detailed steps.

Now you are connected to Zapier.

Section 2: Making of Zap once you are connected with zapier.

#1: Now you are at Zapier screen where you will create Zap. Click on Make a Zap!

#2: Write name of your zap. I wrote MydemoZap. then choose a Trigger App. I searched for HubSpot and get connected with it.

#3: Choose Trigger. I have chosen New Contact. It triggers when contact is created. Move further, click on Save+Continue.

#4: Connect to your HubSpot instance. One screen will pop-up, on click of Connect an Account. it will ask for permission. Click on Grant Access to give permission of HubSpot then this screen will disappeared and you will be on same page, Post that click Save+Continue.

In this step, I am collaborating consecutive screen as below.

Click on Connect an Account
click on Grant access
Click on Save+Continued

Thus you are done with trigger now. 🙂  

#5: Add a new step for Action. Search for Dynamics 365 CRM Action. I have chosen create contact since it is our objective. (Refer objective).Moving forward click on Save+Continue.

#6: Connect to Dynamics 365 CE. Click on Connect An Account. Post that, paste organization url in new pop up screen and click on to Yes, Continue. To authenticate yourself put user credentials and make sure that you are using administrator user. You will be land on same page. Click on Save+Continue.

I have collaborated screen for this step as below:

Click on Connect an Account
Enter Dynamics 365 organization url and click on Yes,Continue
Click on Save+Continue

#7: Edit Template is 2nd last step. As per your requirements map the values in given template. I have mapped for first name, last name and email address. 😊 for demo and click on Continue.

#8: Full and final step is here. 🙂 Click on Finish and Enable your zap at the top on the same page.

We are ready with our integration. Yipee!

Final Result:

I went to HubSpot and created new contact as per below screen:

And same contact is created in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

Limitation: Generally, Business doesn’t permit to use Zapier since Zapier stands with several pricing plans. However, it costs way more to business.

Other than this, the Clock is still ticking for versa data flow from Dynamics 365 CE to HubSpot.

Hope it helps at some extent !

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