Grid with Icons in UCI

Few prominent icons are added to the column for a better user interface which is also shown in UCI.

Firstly, I dug into SDK, and found displayIconToolTip method which consists of two parameters-rowData and userLCID (Note: LCID is not taken.) as English is the default language of the organization.


Step 1: Take any three pictures of 16X16 .png files and create Web Resource of .png format. If picture exceeds 16X16, it will automatically shrink to 16X16.

Step 2: Navigation: Settings>>Customize the System. In the left panel,Click on Web Resources .Then click on New in right panel.

Step 3: Fill Name, Display Name, Description of Web Resource, choose type as PNG format and upload the image as below.

Note: Repeat above mentioned Steps 1 to 3 for rest of the two .png Web Resources.

Step 4: Create JavaScript Web Resource and paste the following code: (Replace imgName as per your wish)

Step 5: Now,Call this function in your respective Views, I have chosen the Active Cases view and selected the priority column.

Step: 6 Click on Change Properties and call your JavaScript Web Resource function as shown below.


  • On UCI, it will be shown as
    1. SubGrid of Case on Contact:
  • 2.Case Sub grid:
  • On Web Client, it will be shown as

Hope it helps!

2 thoughts on “Grid with Icons in UCI

  1. Hi Sawti,
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Does this work in UCI online environment ? i tried it on PSA 3.4 online however the script itself is not loading.
    Javed Jamali


    1. Hello Javed,
      I have done it for CE. I will check for PSA 3.4 whenever I will get time. If by any chance you dug it before than me and finds that it is working fine for PSA 3.4 Please let me know also 🙂


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