Azure Logic Apps|used case[Dynamics 365 Integration with HubSpot]

Azure Logic Apps|used case[Dynamics 365 Integration with HubSpot]

Hello Reader,

In my previous post, I had created custom Connector (If you want to see ‘how’ click here) and now time has come to use it. So, here I am integrating Dynamics to HubSpot using Microsoft Azure Logic Apps.

While working with Azure Logic App,you won’t have to write code in many cases. But if you have to, you will create code snippets with Azure Functions and run that code on-demand from Logic Apps.

Detailed steps are as below:

Step 1: Login to with your credentials and create ‘Resource group’, if you already have one, kindly use that. I have created crm-int-hubspot Resource group for the demo purpose.

Step 2: Create a Logic App and name it as per your wish. Click on ‘Create’ and wait till it get deployed successfully to Resource group. Start with blank Template.

Step 3: Look for the Trigger. In my scenario, I opted Common Data Service then chose the trigger when contacts get created. After that map the dynamics 365 environment’s information accordingly.

Step 4: Now the question arises for connector. There is no out of box connector available yet, Therefore, I have created custom connector in my previous blog, so continuing with it, I selected Hubspot_CreateContact in Custom tab and below it chose Action Create Contact in HubSpot on creation of contact in Dynamics 365 as shown in below screen.

Step 5: Now add the value of HAPIKey (stands for HubSpot API Key,which interact with information and is unique for each instance) and properties. You can add any property which is defined in hubSpot. For the demo purpose, I am taking firstname, lastname and email 🙂

Step 6: Save Logic Apps and test it. 😊

Testing : Log-in to Dynamics 365 and create contact. The same contact will be created in HubSpot. Bingo!

Creating contact in Dynamics 365.
Same created in HubSpot.

With this, I am done with my HubSpot series. Stay tuned to get more live industry scenario.

Hope it helps to some extent.

May the DynamicsPower be with you ! 🙂

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