Azure Logic Apps|synchronizing Teams with Blob storage

Hello Dynamics Enthusiast,

Working on cutting Edge technologies like Azure Logic Apps and contributing to the Dynamics community keeps me energetic. So Here I am, to provide you a step by step guide to sync Teams and Blob storage using Azure Logic Apps.  

Scenario: I came across a requirement where client wants synchronization between Teams and blob storage which should enable end user to attach file to Teams and attached file should be stored into Azure Blob Storage automatically.

Prerequisites: Azure Subscription, Storage Account in Azure Portal.

I am using trigger as SharePoint: When a file is created in folder because Teams Files are stored in SharePoint.It is easy to access the attached SharePoint site for the Teams.

Follow the below steps to achieve the objective.

#1: Logic Apps Blank Template creation

  • Sign in to the Azure portal with your Azure account credentials.
  • Go to the ‘Resource group’.(Either create a new ‘Resource group’ or use an existing one).
  • Create Logic app with blank Template.
  • Search for SharePoint trigger SharePoint: When a file is created in folder.

#2: Enter trigger information

  1. Site Address : Enter your share point site address.
  2. Folder Id : Browse the folder where the teams files are stored in share point.

Refer the below screen.

#3: Search for the blob storage action. I chose Create Blob action.

#4: Enter the action information.

  1. Select the folder path from blob storage (I chose container of blob storage. You can choose container or a folder within a container.)
  2. Select the Blob name.
  3. Select the Blob content.

Below is the summary screen of the Logic Apps to give you a better view.

Executed Logic Apps

Testing: It is important to test whatever you configured. So follow the below steps to validate your configuration.

#1: Before uploading the file, Teams and Blob storage view are as below.

Screen from Teams Before uploading the file.
Screen from Blob storage before the test execution.

#2: Upload a file in Teams.

While uploading the file in Teams
uploaded file

#3: Same file should be replicated in Blob Storage for successful validation of the configuration.

Bingo! Team and Blob synchronized successfully.

Hope it helps to some extent.

May the Dynamics Power be with you!

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