Azure Logic Apps:When a HTTP request is received|used case[Biz talk Server integration with Dynamics 365]

Hello Microsoft Enthusiast,

Azure is LCNC(low-code/no-code)development platform.There are several triggers available.It is always exciting to work and explore them.So I am demonstrating one of them i.e. When a HTTP request is received.

Scenario: This is the integration between Biz talk Server and Dynamics 365. Azure Logic Apps listens Biz talk Server whenever it receives JSON object and perform the further crud operation. My scenario operation is : If Account exists in Dynamics 365 then update the Account’s address details based on the received ‘Account Number’ from the biz talk server’s request in the Logic Apps.

Let’s start as follows:

#1: Create a logic apps with the template: ‘When a HTTP request is received’. When you click on ‘Save’ button endpoint will be generated automatically and click on ‘Use sample payload to generate schema’.After this a window will popup, paste the JSON(It is prerequisites for you and will differ case to case.) in pop-up window. In this way, ‘Request Body JSON Schema’ will get structured automatically.

Some of the sensitive data has been hidden in some of the screen shot.

#2: Initialize the variable for ‘Account Number’ and ‘Account ID’. Query the ‘List records’ to check whether the Account is present or not in Dynamics 365 based on the received Account Number from Biz talk request.

#3: loop the received input in ‘For each’ loop. Put the condition where Account Number is equal to Biz talk Account Number.

#4: If condition is true then set Account’s Guid in Account ID variable and update the address details in Acoount. Refer the below Screen.

#5: Send the ‘200’ Status Code as Response message to Biz talk Server. So that Biz talk get to know that sent request has been processed successfully. 😊

Test: Once Logic Apps received request from Biz talk, It updates Address details of particular Account.

Screen from Dynamics 365

If you want more clarification/information.Don’t forget to comment.I will be happy to assist you. 🙂

Hope it helps to some extent.

May the DynamicsPower be with you!

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