5 Interview Question of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement {Consultant}

Hello Readers,

Since it is peak time of interview and all the seekers are being passed through with it. I have a few questions which had been asked in my recent interview. I also shared another set of 5 interview questions. You can click here to refer them.

Question 1: What is the Execution Order. Let’s say Execution order set 1 to asynchronous plugin and 2 to sync plugin. What will be the execution order.

Answer: Execution order is the order which run the plugin on the same message(create/update and etc).order will be the same as async plugin will trigger 1st with execution order 1 but it will not wait for its completion and sync will execute in second order.

Question 2: What are the changes which Microsoft has brought from 2011 upto now.

Answer: Since it is simple question with vast complexity and unfulfilled satisfaction of interviewer on it, as there are many more things to tell to your interviewer.Here I am highlighting few of them.

Advanced filtering,This capability brings a lot of Dynamics 365’s Advanced Find from classic web to unified interface. Advanced filtering is embedded on entity sub grid view, user need not to go to advance find every time for creating an expression.

Lookups in the Unified Interface now support the enhanced filtering capabilities which includes for only my records and related records only for web.

Unified Interface UCI gives flexibility to see/handle your CRM on handy mobile.Earlier Entity form was bound to web client now it is platform independent.

Model Driven App is nothing but your Dynamics CRM in app module.

Canvas App,where customization takes place separately.

Question 3: What is the security Model in Dynamics CRM?

Answer: To control data access, you must set up an organizational structure that both protects sensitive data and enables collaboration. You do this by setting up business units, security roles, and field security profiles.

So basically, it is assignment of security role to user based on Teams and BU.

Question 4: Let’s say security role is not assigned to user to see the particular entity, will that entity be visible in Advance Find.

Answer: Yes, Entity will be visible in Advance Find.

Question 5: While upgrading classic view to UCI what are the known issues?

Answer: Custom Ribbon Button showing jigsaw image{Solution: Add Modern image using svc webresource.}

Entity Icon not visible{Solution: Choose 16×16,32×32 images }

Getting form context error on page on load{Solution: Passed execution context by checking the check box.}

Button is not visible on subgrid.{Solution: Add Subgrid view of entity in Model Driven App.}

Hope it will help in your interview preparation.

May be the Dynamics Power with you.

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