Improvement/Enhancement needed on Power Apps Portals

Hello Reader,

I am working on Power Apps Portals from past few months during this I personally feel that there is a couple of the area which could be enhanced more to give flexibility to the portal maker in order to achieve user utterance.

I listed few points which should be introduced in future releases of Power Apps Portals.

S.No.Wants More flexibility
1.Business Rule can’t be applied to portal form. If Microsoft brings business rule/something similar to that to entity form to automate the common show/hide, require/none require fields in upcoming releases. It will reduce the repetitive coding work of portal maker.
2.There is 15 minutes of time to happen sync between dynamics 365 CE and portal. It could be less or more sometimes, Perhaps 15 minutes time is documented in Microsoft document. This sync service should be synchronous because sometimes, user input on the portal and it does some calculation in the back end and doesn’t reflect immediately on the portal which kills the user experience.
3.The New File data type is not yet accessible in the portal. The file data type should be available in the portal as well. The reason behind it, Recently I met a requirement where users want to attach multiple files to one note in Dynamics 365 CE and portal both. If I would have file data type in portal then I was pretty close to fulfill user requirements without any code.
4.There is no way to take a backup of the portal yet. It is all waste, If we are unable to take a backup of individual components like a webpage, web template. Microsoft should bring something related to it.
5.After so many MS support tickets Microsoft has given _services/about for quick cache refreshment but still, sometimes changes don’t reflect immediately. This could be more improvised.
6.Odata service is available for retrieve call, It should be for CRUD operation too so that we could have done more in the portal.
7.Missing multi-select option set in the portal. 😦 as we miss in dynamics 365 before it’s arrival.
8.How could we forget about PCF 😦 Badly, want to have the PCF control in the portal too.

I will update the list as and when I find more updates to the Power Apps Portals in the future.

Please leave a comment if you find any missing functionality or any frustrating behaviour with the Power Apps Portals which is not listed above and I will include those in the list.

May the dynamics power be with you.

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