{Known Issue}Date and Time fields behaves differently in UCI on upgrade

Hello Reader,

I am writing this article to tell you about the known issue of date and time in UCI on upgrade from classic to UCI.

Before this, user had reported that button image and entity icon was shown as jigsaw in UCI for that I had written a blog where I elaborated the root cause and solution of it for reference please click here

Problem Statement: Business reported that written custom logic on date and time field is not working fine(One day less or more than expected) and users from different time zone are experiencing incorrect date value in field.

Root Cause: I tried to dig into it and went to the field properties. As we know that we have Format and Behavior for the field. So, In classic we don’t have control to change the behavior of field. it is Date only by default and this is the catch or in another word I would say this is the only root cause of problem. 🙂

when system upgrade from classic to UCI, the date and time field’s behavior becomes to “User Only” which shows data based on User local time.

Earlier mechanism was working on “Date Only” behavior and that’s why the user faced the data inconsistency.

screen from classic

Solution: Now in UCI, we have the flexibility to change the behavior as listed below:

1.User Only(It shows data based on the user time zone{If in case you have question that what is user time zone then it is nothing but your Laptop/Desktop time setting or your dynamics 365 CE personal setting.})

2.Date Only(It displays data from crm data base where it stores time as 12:00 A.M. always or in other words it shows date in UTC format )

3. Time Zone Independent(it is independent from any conversion and will show you the data exactly what is stored in data base.

Note*: In classic, date and time field’s default behavior is “Date Only”.On upgrade and on creation, date and time field behavior sets to “User Only” by default.

In terms of resolution, I have two option to fix it.

  1. Make the main form to Time-Zone Independent. Nothing to do with date and time field.
  2. Change the behavior of field to Date Only.

And I opted out the 2nd option and change the field behavior as same as in classic which is exactly sorted the problem.

This was challenging for me because I was unaware from the fact which I wrote down in note section.

Bonus Tip : It is advisable that birthday date should have the “Date Only “behavior. If Birthday is being used with time then behavior should be “Time-Zone Independent”

I am hoping that my experience will help you.

May the dynamics power be with you.

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