{Tip}Switch to Classic even if end users are using UCI [Dynamics 365 CE]

Hello Reader,

Hoping you are safe during this pandemic.

Apparently, users are using UCI(Unified Interface) and they had reported couple or the other defects in UCI. Therefore, I had to investigate and need to tell them whether it is UCI or a classic issue and what is the root cause of it.

In my scenario, entire system is working fine in Classic but couple of the things are not performing well in UCI.

Thus, I had to switch it back to classic for the investigation purpose without loosing any configuration and customization.

Fixed Configuration: My organization system setting is settled up for UCI(i.e.End user only will use UCI)

Question raises that how to switch to classic when you can’t loose any existing data,configuration/customization.

Answer is, Just append force classic to true and it will navigate to old school.

Note*: If you find that this tip is not working somehow. Try it incognito mode. Basically there shouldn’t be any browser history. You should start it fresh.


Hope it helps.

May the dynamics power be with you.

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