Azure Logic Apps Custom Connector|used Case[To create Contact in HubSpot]

Hello Reader,

Have a quick look on how to create Azure Logic App Custom Connector to create contact in HubSpot.

Disclaimer: I am assuming that you are familiar with Azure and have Azure Subscription to login on with your credentials (If Not, you can comment to get more information/clarification.)

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Create a new Resource Group if you don’t have, else start with the existing one like me. Go to the Resource Group and add Logic Apps Custom Connector and name your Custom Connector as per your wish and click on “Create”. Refer below Screen. Wait till it get deployed to resource group successfully.

Step 2:  Start with Rest API-end point and OPEN API file

Step 3: Scroll down a bit and fill the Host API base url (Currently working in General Tab) and click on the “Security”, you will be moved to Security tab.

Step 4: I chose No Authentication Since it will authenticate from HAPI key in its next Definition tab. Click on “Definition”.

Step 5: Welcome to Definition tab, Add Action by entering Summary, Description, Operation Id as below:

Step 6: Scroll down a bit within the same page and click on “import form sample” which you can find under ‘Request’.

Step 7: Please remain on the same page, you will get a pop-up window immediately on the right-hand side to fill-in the request information as:




{ "property": "email" },
{ "property": "firstname"},
{ "property": "lastname"},
{ "property": "website"},
{ "property": "company"},
{ "property": "phone"},
{ "property": "address"},
{ "property": "city"},
{ "property": "state"},
{ "property": "zip"}

After clicking on “Import”, the pop-up window will disappear.

Step 8: Click on “Update connector”, and you are good to go with your custom connector. You will get notification” Custom Connector has been successfully updated.”

This Connector will be used in my next blog. Stay tuned to see it in action.

Hope it helps to some extent !

May the DynamicsPower be with you ! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Azure Logic Apps Custom Connector|used Case[To create Contact in HubSpot]

  1. Hi Swati, thanks for your blog post. How did you make the Open-API file as HubSpot doesn’t have published one? Thanks!


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